5 Major Challenges In The World Of Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT (Internet of Things), also considered as a breakthrough technology,  is now a mainstream buzz that has the ability to connect literally any device (phones, electrical & electronic, voice assistants) to the Internet. The IoT solutions in different sectors and businesses are intelligent, but before embarking this technology, people need to keep an eye out on difficulties that come along.

IoT has nothing but great services and economic benefits to offer but a myriad of challenges are currently surrounding this emerging technology.

Keeping up with security

Since service providers are having a golden period selling the technology their main focus is to outdo the competitors with better functionality rather than security. This is a serious concern and has caught the attention of government and private bodies globally. The hacking of IoT-based applications (camera, radio, home electronics) is a serious threat as the Internet is allowing the cybercriminals to find a security loophole (default passwords, unpatched software) and execute their malicious activity.

Owning a greater bandwidth

The IoT service providers are up for a big-time issue than ever when it comes to owing a considerable bandwidth. Currently, the IoT applications are relying on a centralized server/client paradigm that authorizes and connects the different nodes of a network. But as the demand for IoT products in the market is increasing every year this communication model will be defied soon. The future will need millions of investments to maintain cloud servers that can handle and allow such a huge scale of information exchange.

Compatibility over time

While some technologies become mainstream and stay for good others leave due to shortcomings or because they are outdated. The set up of IoT demands the deployment of both hardware and software. Now IoT devices (refrigerator, televisions, etc.) have a shelf life of half a decade or more but computation devices or software may outrun soon. This will stem the issues such as diversity in firmware, outdated operating systems, non-unified cloud servers, etc. The whole concern here is that the IoT device must function even if the provider is out of service.

Regulatory standards

The IoT companies are making much faster progress but the government is having a hard time catching up. There are still no stringent regulations by the government that are enforced. This puts businesses in an awkward position that has no regulations to follow while releasing their product in the market. This is a concern of security risk and must be addressed if IoT has to progress in the future.

Fulfilling customers expectation 

If customers do not welcome technology, it will soon be out of the market. Though the audience was thrilled when IoT was introduced mainstream, the gaps in technology are making it hard for the providers to sustain. IoT has great potential but customers are not enjoying a smooth journey, which puts it in an unstable arena.


It is important that the government and providers stay on the same page and work together to put an end to the challenges faced by the IoT industry. The technology is unrivaled and has a peerless application but for it to work in the future, the IoT must evolve. Contact Winjit today and discuss the IoT application in your field.


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