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Gartner has projected that there will be 25 billion IoT devices on the market by 2020.But did you know that these devices apply not just to humans but to… cows too?

What is IoT Sense ?An edge level software gateway solution and an intelligent hardware agnostic platform, which is built on an open API architecture. IoT Sense helps to connect legacy & new sensors with ease of customisation and rapid deployment. 

On 24th July the prestigious BW Digital Leaderships & CIO Awards, a part of BW Businessworld were announced.IoT Sense along with Sarda Farms Won the Best IoT Implementation Award by Businessworld Leadership and CIO Awards. This platform was implemented for livestock management which enabled the milking farms to monitor their end-to-end process.Following are the four ways “IoT for cows” works:

1. Cattle movement

To monitor cows’ locations and prevent potential theft of cattle, the UK company BT has been working with the National Trust on technology that can pinpoint where its cattle have roamed.

2. Fertility

Cows have a small window of time when they are in heat—it can be as little as eight hours a month. The monitor detects health and fertility of cows—ranging from single cows to groups to herds—to ensure that this critical window is accounted for. The information can be collected through sensors at a 1,000-meter range, and is connected to a mobile device.

3. Behaviour

A neck-mounted sensor developed tracks the activity of cows throughout the day. It sends information such as eating behavior and health issues to farmers. This information then is sent to computers, and can also be accessed via smartphones or tablets for analysis.

4. Lactation

In recent study shows cows produce more milk when they are happy. The robots can increase milk production by allowing cows to “choose” when they would like to be milked, resulting in increased milking sessions. Beyond that, the machines collect data on behavioural patterns. The cows are equipped with IDs and transponders, which can track when they are ready to produce more milk. If a cow is eligible for increased production, dairy workers can alter their diet to include a sweet-coated grain, which assists in lactation.

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