Complete Product Lifecycle Management: IoTSense Monitoring and Maintenance

Complete Product Lifecycle Management: IoTSense Monitoring and Maintenance

One of the important avenues of using internet of things (IoT) technology is to ensure that you can perform the ideal product lifecycle management. Smart devices can provide information about your products in every step . This way, you can ensure ideal monitoring and maintenance of your product line and achieve the best results.

One of the ideal ways to do this is to use IoTSense, an excellent software tool. Here is what you need to know about this excellent tool to improve product lifecycle management.


IoTSense is a tool from Winjit which  offers an IoT platform for improved product lifecycle management.. It has the ability to offer  scalability by collecting data from any sensor in an ideal way.

Lifecyle Management

IoTSense is great for monitoring your lifecycle management, because it employs three layers of security. You can ensure that you perform the ideal maintenance of your lifecycle processes, since the platform is fully customizable. You get greater control over your sensor data, and can manage all your devices using the cloud data storage and computing.

IoTSense can be employed with both  public cloud networks as well as private or on-premises local services.  You empower your processes with the availability of multiple data platforms.

Edge Computing

IoTSense is also used for managing industry processes because it has the ability to employ the best of edge computing. It is the concept of processing information closer to the smart sensors that are generating data for internet of things application. The solution has the capability of using dynamic data communication, where the data may be processed in different steps, rather than being queued throughout the communication, which puts load on the central processing node.

Another advantage of employing IoTSense for improved control is its ability to perform machine communication in an automated manner. This allows the best user of smart devices, which can automatically communicate and improve the use of available network sources by a considerable margin.


IoTSense allows you to set up policies which help the system make automatic decisions and work to provide strong controls during the various steps of a product’s lifecycle. The triggers can include identifying faulty products or problems that may affect the final delivery after the product development lifecycle.


IoTSense has a strong dashboard that presents analytics which are updated in real-time. This allows you to improve the monitoring of your business and ensures that you can take the ideal maintenance steps along the way. You can generate customized reports and enjoy the easy process that allows you to configure the IoT software application to suit your specific needs.

With the right IoT tools, you can certainly enjoy the advantages of embedded sensors and smart device applications.

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