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Industrial IoT Solutions

How Industrial IoT Works

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Benefits of Industrial IoT Platform

  • Predictive Maintenance – IIoT systems make use of real-time data to analyze and detect any fault or defect in equipment or machinery

  • Better Field Service – Industrial IoT allows technicians to identify a minute equipment issue which can help prevent major issues

  • Resource Optimization – The location and condition of products can be tracked using the asset management system to prevent any damage

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction – Industrial IoT Application allows manufacturers to track how customers are using their products which can help them design customer-centric products

Industries today are adopting lean manufacturing in a big way (as a religion). Concepts like Pokayoke, Kaizan and TQM are drivers to achieve lean manufacturing and are the most talked about (popular, bandied, important,) words (Phrases) in industries today. Mistake proofing, continuous improvements are the core values that are driving the industries.

Adopting Industry 4.0 immensely helps companies in PokaYoke by generating the required data sets that can be analysed and improved upon. Industry 4.0 is a blend of advanced analytics, Big Data, Robotics & Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Process Digitisation across the business value chain. Most modern manufacturing facilities are already using PLC’s and process monitoring software like SCADA for automation and managing production. IoTSense platform when deployed in the manufacturing industry context (Industrial IoT) extends the visibility of this data beyond localized automation. The algorithms and reports help identify the indicators that need to be improved upon thus enabling the digital transformation of the plant.

Machine Learning & Computer Vision at Edge, IoTSense makes it possible!

We know you are curious to try our unique system, so go ahead!


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