IoT Adoption Stages in Industry

While various organizations have accepted IoT with open arms the level of adoption in different industries and businesses is different. Some of them started at a very basic level and then gradually moved to Anytime Anywhere level (cloud level), while some took a bigger leap and had a kick start with the cloud level.

IOT Adoption stages from ‘No-where’ to ‘Anytime Anywhere’

The following section provides a brief overview of the different levels one can adopt

Basic Level

A minimal level of automation is used at this level and the focus is on data capture only. This data is not utilized further to trigger any automated action. The capture data can be refined for analysis and observation by the organization depending on their needs.

Automation Level

The information received in the above level has been sift out for interpretation. Based on the results, business processes are executed.

Business Innovation Level

Organizations are able to take their business to the next level using IoT innovation by integrating IoT in their products or offerings. This often requires cooperation and planning among different people and organizations that have an interest in the data and the intelligence coming from it, for example, product manufacturers, retailers and their suppliers. In this way, everyone in the data chain gets what they need in a manner most likely to yield tangible improvements to business. Another example is energy providers that could have a smart grid setup allowing providers to provide electricity using different sources of energy which they could control using the IoT.

Anytime Anywhere Level

Organizations make cloud computing an enabler of the IoT. Here, data and services reside in a massively scalable cloud and can be accessed easily from any connected device over the Internet. Physical location and underlying infrastructure details are transparent to users. Anytime, anywhere access to IT resources is delivered.

IoT is fast becoming the one unique and primary technological advancement for industries and organization across verticals know as Industrial IoT. But currently we are in the phase of moving from existing eco-system to futuristic eco-system that invites it’s own set of problems.

What are the things that one should keep in mind before going all out on IoT?

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