IoT Sense v3 Released

While continuing innovations and value addition to the core product, we have released next big version of IoT Sense.

We have introduced new sub products of IoT Sense, which helps to manage your needs in a better manner!

Sub Products of IoT Sense

  1. IoT Sense – Which is our flagship product with full set of functionalities

  2. IoT Sense Lite – Lightweight version of the flagship product, optimised to run on low compute hardwares

  3. IoT Sense Live – Free online version of IoT Sense, which you can try at: 

From an overall product improvement perspective, below are some of the major points in this release, which are in addition to 3 different products

  • Added UDD functionality, which is one of our major USP and allows lots of flexibility

  • Completely revamped architecture, which is more scalable

  • UI revamped for better usability

  • Added Surveillance module for monitoring images

  • Added Commands module for device management

  • Added Token based Security for REST protocol

  • Added Authentication Based Security to MQTT protocol

  • Added Compression on remote configuration

  • Added support for new Trigger Action

  • SMS (Twilio) Integration is done

  • Modified ‘Custom Dashboard’ to present user specific content

  • Added Home page for a brief tour of IoTSense features

  • Added Help and FAQ documents

  • Added 3 new dark themes

For additional information, you can always contact us!

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