Monitoring Assets with IoT Based Surveillance

One of the biggest concerns businesses are facing today is the security of their assets. To guard their assets against attack, sabotage, crime, espionage etc., businesses are stepping up the efforts to boost their security. A measure that can be particularly useful in this regard is the adoption of IoT-based surveillance.

A common aspect of business, security and surveillance has changed a lot in recent years and solutions today offer more than just basic alarm monitoring. Businesses that want to protect their assets from miscreants or unforeseen damage can now achieve their objective with the help of live video surveillance and other remote security solutions. Talking about remote solutions, many businesses today are using Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions to improve the security and surveillance of their assets.

By enabling them to securely and remotely monitor their facilities and assets in real time via smart surveillance solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping businesses to safeguard their assets and avoid losses resulting in compromised or damaged assets.

How IoT based surveillance can safeguard your assets

According to a report jointly published by Cisco and DHL, using IoT based solutions to track assets in the global supply chain and logistics sector can create an estimated $1.9 trillion dollars of economic value. If you run a business or oversee its operations, then knowing the location of your most valuable assets and tracking their health is crucial for you. The good news is that the Internet of Things (IoT) can make this easy for you.

With IoT based surveillance, you can track everything from raw materials to fleets to heavy equipment and finished goods remotely. Not only does this make life convenient for you, but it also helps you minimize inventory, save money, lower risks related to your assets, and create revenue streams for your business. Following are some of things IoT based surveillance that is currently being employed:

  • Industrial asset tracking
  • Luggage tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Livestock and wildlife tracking
  • Supply chain efficiency

Drive valuable results with IoT based surveillance

According to a study conducted by Forrester, IoT solutions can be leveraged by most industries for asset or inventory identification and tracking as well as their maintenance or for highlighting the availability of spare parts to enhance their end-to-end process. By enabling automated end-to-end tracking and monitoring of assets, IoT based solutions help companies to strengthen security and surveillance, receive maintenance alerts, and use sensors to track the location, speed and fuel consumption of vehicles. This results in lower fuel costs, lower insurance rates, quicker maintenance and servicing of assets, real-time rerouting of vehicles and efficient monitoring of assets, facilities and workers.

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