Reducing operational cost using efficient IoT

Reducing operational cost using efficient IoT

Ensuring that your business is running efficiently and that all operational costs are limited is necessary for minimizing costs and increasing profits. One of the biggest operational problems faced by large firms is the presence of a large chunk of data. This data is often considered unnecessary for the continuity of the business.

Efficiently harnessing and implementing the data is critical for reducing operating costs for a company within the vertical industry. An IoT system can come extremely useful here since it can put an end to the lag time in between when the data is collected and when it is eventually acted upon. This creates quicker, more actionable insight for the management team to collect and implement.

An IoT system works by collecting the data right from the sensor point, sending it to the cloud for filtering it down and then effortlessly delivering it to your dashboard. With this system data isn’t lost and is processed lot quicker than it is done through conventional methods. Interestingly, only the data you deem important or relevant is visible on your dashboard, something which leads to a good coherence between data dashboards and IoT systems.

Moreover, the data pertaining to your operational activities can be collected and implemented in real time to find out any anomalies. Anomaly detection is an imperative part of IoT and places it on a higher pedestal as you can gauge your operational activities in real time and form a basic judgment based on where the anomaly is happening and how it can be countered.

Creating an IoT Ecosystem

The concept of an IoT ecosystem has recently become quite a hot prospect, cashing in on the increased operational efficiency that is promised by IoT. An ecosystem that comprises on IoT sets out to achieve the real value of IoT. The real value of IoT lies in the combination of devices with connectivity, security, technology, various APIs and cloud.

The implementation of an IoT ecosystem will help propel forward operational efficiency within the organization through an all round effort.

The design for an IoT ecosystem centers on flexible connectivity and modularity; this takes into account both hardware and software development. The IoT ecosystem, much like IoT itself, is hard to define and complex to capture based on the vastness it brings to the picture. 3 ways you can use this concept in your favor are:

  1. Inventory Management: By linking smart shelves and RFID sensors you can maintain your inventory through a real time view.
  2. Asset Maintenance: IoT can help monitor and manage smart tools, machines and vehicles. This would help in asset utilization and will also reduce downtime caused by asset failure.
  3. Workforce Management: Workforce management is an important part of IoT in organizations. With the implementation of IoT managers are no longer required to walk across the factory floor to see how workers are performing.
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