Smart Fleet Management with IoT

Billions of connected devices that communicate with us and each other make up the internet of things (IoT). Each day, millions of new IoT devices are added to the billions already existing. IoT is empowering many fields today and one of them is fleet management.

By fueling innovation, IoT is increasing the safety and efficiency of fleet management. Additionally, it is helping to minimize the environmental impact of this activity and keep cargo safe and functioning optimally. Using this tech-based fleet management solution, businesses can manage their fleet and monitor the status of the vehicles remotely. A smart fleet management solution can benefit businesses in many ways and some of them are mentioned below.

Realize New Value from Existing Assets and Infrastructure

Do you have vehicles in your fleet that weren’t originally built to connect to the internet and share data? No problem, you can still connect them using intelligent gateways. Just attach these gateways to your vehicles and start collecting data from your previously underutilized assets. So, with smart fleet management, you don’t have to start from scratch to benefit from IOT and big data instead you can get these benefits by simply modifying your existing fleet.

Gain Actionable Insights

A well-known benefit of the Internet of Things is that it provides actionable insights. By employing a smart fleet management solution that utilizes IoT, you can capture data from things such as engines, sensors, cameras, dashboards, tires and smart phones. This data is either processed directly in the vehicle or sent to the Cloud for storage and additional analysis. In short, a smart fleet management system provides you with near real-time visibility into operations and new data streams that you can the vehicles in your fleet can act upon.

Increase Efficiency

There is so much you can accomplish with a smart fleet management solution including enabling a working relationship between your CRM and dispatch systems, providing your vehicles the ability to recognize you, and allowing tires to notify repair shops when they are low.

Lower Costs and Increase Agility

Using the information obtained from an IoT solution such as a smart fleet management solution, you can lower costs and increase agility. By enabling predictive maintenance, a smart fleet management solution using IoT can help lower repair costs and downtime. Additionally, it enables better use of assets by providing actionable insights and streamlining delivery routes.

IoT innovations are making processes easier and faster for businesses. One such solution is smart fleet management. With this IoT solution, businesses can manage their fleet remotely and get the most benefit out of them. If you’re searching for such a solution, then get in touch with IoTSense today.


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