Visualize your Progress with IoTSense Analytics

Visualize your Progress with IoTSense Analytics

Analyzing a large amount of data and leveraging it to visualize progress, as well as making policies based on the findings, is basically what places an organization ahead of the competition these days. This is because accumulated data is priceless, and when processed and analyzed to perfection, can reveal tremendously beneficial details which can be capitalized on.

IoTSense Analytics: Efficient Data Analysis within the Internet of Things

IoTSense is one of the many IoT platforms currently available to the public, with many features that allows  quick and easy analysis of data throughout a network. This allows users of a network to not only see all the data that has been accumulated because of continuous function, but also leverage it to see how efficient the function is.

The visualization of progress aids in improvement of all the processes within the system. Since the data received through platform such as IoTSense is analyzed in real time, the progression of data is also recorded; in order to reveal which improvement based step needs to be taken.

Benefits of IoTSense towards Data Leveraging and Process Improvement

Following are some of the advanced analytics features which can be utilized for the visualization of progress within a network.

  • A local dashboard enables users to have all of the analytics information within reach, through an active interface that clearly defines all the aspects of the framework which needs to be analyzed.
  • Easy configuration of the analytics parameters allows the visualization of very specific performance indicators.
  • The real-time analytics feature allows for in-depth analysis of all the performance parameters in real time, thereby letting the responsible parties adjust functions and take measures to align performance with pre-set goals.

Connectivity Options Benefitting Visualization

A highly valuable and often ignored aspect of an IoT framework is the plethora of connectivity options that one has at their disposal; all which aid in active visualization of progress. Currently, variety is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to visualization in a cross-platform environment, where seamless connections are necessary to view practical progress through several connectivity media.

Multiple connectivity options also benefit with real-time monitoring of performance, since multiple performance parameters can be accessed and monitored at the same time, without resorting to separate searches for each parameter. All monitoring points could be connected to a local dashboard, through which multiple divisions can be visualized, to actively gauge progress.


An IoT platform such as IoTSense can make the visualization of progress a breeze through the plethora of features which are optimized for this very purpose, as well as the multi-channel connectivity. Since it unites all performance parameters under one roof, it is easy for a single user to see how the performance of the entire network measures up against the decided goals, for better performance in the future.

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