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Cutting-Edge SMART Features

All features are based on immense research and customer feedback by a team of experts. An easy to use IoT platform that is customizable based on various needs of our users.

IoTSense is a full stack IoT Platform consisting of following layers.

Connectivity Layer– A robust connection engine helps connect to devices supporting diverse modern and legacy technologies and protocols such as Modbus RTU/TCP, TCPIP, Canbus, OPC UA, LPRA, BLE, Zigbee and so on.

Device management– Production machines / devices can be organized based on type, location for aggregation purposes

Edge compute and alerts– IoTSense is not just a platform that is a conduit for data to reach the internet. It has inbuilt edge compute facilities that analyzes the data when it is in motion. Local computing helps save resources and decision taking happens on the edge near the machine / premise instead of the cloud.

Realtime dashboards – Performance dashboards analyse and monitor the KPI’s in realtime.

Open API’s – IoTSense supports open API’s which help fetching required data from the platform. This data can be required for 3rd party application integration or for building other applications on top of the platform.

Cloud end points – IoTSense can be deployed on premise or cloud. For a complex scenario there could be an IoTSense instance at each location and an aggregated instance at the HO. Seamless 2 way integration helps manage and control at any point. IoTSense also has ready out of the box connects to all the popular cloud ed points like Amazon, Azure, IBM etc.


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