IoTSense– Helping SME’s in their Digital Transformation journey

The 4th Industrial revolution AKA Industry 4.0 is all about data driven process management to derive better performance and quality. The process data is collected and analyzed to find ways to improve OEE.

IoTSense is a scalable platform that can be adopted by SME’s very quickly and non-intrusively and start getting early results in as less as a month.

Out of the box support for most industry standard protocols and a very intuitive UI helps users to quickly connect and configure the plant machinery and start streaming process parameters.

The inbuilt edge compute and triggering mechanism helps managers to be informed of all deviations in realtime thus reducing the time to respond drastically which ultimately helps in increasing the productivity.


Operation challenges faced by SME’s

SME’s comprise mostly of Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturer’s that manufacture discrete components for Automotive / switchgear OEM’s. The OEM’s are highly organized and drive, manage and control the supply chain to support lean management.

This means each component order to a T1 / T2 vendor comes with a strict delivery schedule, which if not met may result in disruption of the assembly lines of OEM’s ultimately leading to a lot of production loss and may result in some penalties.

Production and machine load planning / routing is done by the vendors using excel or other tools but monitoring is done manually. The operational complexity is increased further as many vendors undertake work for multiple components for multiple OEM’s. All this leads to almost nil visibility on the work in progress on a day to day basis.

To avoid line holdups of OEM’s and mitigate the associated risk, most vendors try to maintain a substantial FG inventory as they do not have precise control on the daily production which adds a substantial burden on the working capital.


IoTSense addressing the challenges

Winjit’s product engineering team has created a Work in progress monitoring solution built on top of the IoTSense platform.

The Work In Progress Monitoring system helps trace the life cycle of the components from RM stage through various operations to FG stage in a very non intrusive manner. The plant operations work load is untouched with no added workloads. The solution acquires the necessary data points from the process equipment like PLC and CNC’s via M2M communication.

IoTSense bridges the Operations Technology to Information Technology and helps the shop floor resources in managing operations by raising discrete alerts and providing actionable insights.

All the real-time production data from the machine is collected and then systemized to generate MIS.


Benefits of IoTSense

  • Enabling Kaizen enablers to machine operators in form of real-time progress charts for production count and quality data.
  • Alerts to supervisors and managers to tackle breakdowns / slowdowns with escalation matrix
  • Part number traceability
  • Bin card / route card traceability
  • Various reports to monitor A,P and Q of OEE
  • Predictive maintenance alerts
  • Manage changeovers better
  • Advance knowledge of next jobs for work stations
  • Track process parameters in real time to fine tune optimum performance.


Sample charts and reports


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