Is Your System Equipped For IoT Updation?

As per statista, “The spending on IoT across the globe will be somewhere around 1.1 trillion dollars by 2022”

Small and simple operations may or may not need IoT updation. But the question is how exactly would you know if your system is ready for such a technology. This question can be answered by figuring out what exactly you expect out of your machines or system as a whole? What data do you wish to gather?

If we want to know if a system is running or not we can easily see the data. We can make use of some sensors to know when a machine is working and when it’s not. But the data collected through this process is good but not good enough. You know why? It’s because this kind of data won’t help you evolve your working process or help you make educated decisions.

For instance, you can know a machine is not working and at what point it stopped but you will not know why it stopped? This is where you will know that your system needs to take the leap of IoT.

When you not only collect data but also start communicating with your machines you can get answers to questions like:

-What can you do to increase the efficiency of your machine?

-What is the expected time to finish a job?

-What job is running?

-What tools are being used? Etc.

What Happens When Your System Is IoT Updated?

As per Intel, “Approximately 40% of all IoT devices will be employed in manufacturing setups for more efficiency.”

Your machine will have data points from the gathered data and communication. You can process the gathered information and compare it with other metrics. You can also send this information to other ERP’s. This will tell you if your system has the performance it take to handle such data.

Once you know what you are expecting from your system you need to decide in what form you want to interact or communicate with your system? You must use a system, which can convert information and send it through a link. Though it’s an expensive affair think about the millions of bits per second that will pass through. Today, systems generate large data this is why higher-level handling is necessary.

Now that there is a system in place for data gathering and transferring there should also be a system for storage and retrieval. The information should be processed in a way that a report can be created and information can be compiled in a useful manner to pass it on to other systems.


Check compatibility between your IoT system and ERP system and check the interface for speed. Your hardware should be expandable too. You can also consider using sensors with expandability. Winjit is a leading IoT service provider that can level up your system for IoT. Connect with our experts today to discuss your business needs. Remember updating your system with IoT today will help you expand your work process in the future.

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