IoT for Industrial Use

In today’s world there is usually no problem that IoT wont solve. But the true potential of IoT is unveiled when it is used in the manufacturing and industrial section. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) combines the most powerful technologies that have been used in the industrial sector for ages. The collaboration of Machine Learning, Bi Data, Sensors, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, automation, Artificial Intelligence and IoT gives us a promising Formula for near perfect Industrial Operations. The Gigantic Industrial Machines will not just be powerful but also be smart.

The massive data set from machines when captured consistently and accurately can help businesses to identify problems and inefficiencies sooner, helping them save time, money and some critical blunders. It could leverage quality control, sustainability, optimal utilization, green practices, supply chain traceability and efficiency.

Opportunities and benefits

Speaking of IIot, it brings about opportunities and benets to those who are willing to adapt to the tech.High volumes of data generated through the many connected devices/products may cause severance with the increasing ability to make robotic decisions and put them into action in real time. The following research by Economic Forum[1] acknowledges that primary business contingency will be found in four major areas:

The collaboration of Machine Learning, Big Data, Sensors, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, automation, Artificial Intelligence and IoI gives us a promising formula for near perfect Industrial Operations.

  • Improved operational efficiency (e.g., improved up-time, asset utilization) through predictive maintenance and remote management.
  • The emergence of an outcome economy fueled by software-driven services, innovations in hardware and increase in visibility of products,processes customers and partners.
  • New connected ecosystems, coalescing around software platforms that blur conventional industry boundaries.
  • Collaboration between humans and machines, which will result in unparalleled levels of productivity and engaging work experiences in high numbers.

It is just not the industries that is taking the advantage of IoT but also the end consumers, by enhanced standard of living. The omnipresence of technology is just getting better each day.

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