What is the Future of IoT?

The focus of the IoT remains on improving our lives, providing us convenience and leaving us free only to perform the most engaging activities. Here, we first look at the current IoT applications and then briefly discuss a few future situations where IoT can certainly make our lives easier.

Current IoT Applications

When we look at the current IoT applications, we find that the future of IoT is certainly bright and secure. Currently, companies are experimenting with smart homes, where all appliances are controlled by IoT enabled solutions. This ensures that your desired temperature is maintained in your home before you arrive. You also save energy because the temperature regulation may only happen just before you are home.

Similarly, we are already enjoying a few smart grids with the ability to diversify electrical energy according to the needs of the consumers. Another IoT application is the availability of smart machines in the industry. These machines can manage their own maintenance and servicing needs, while also giving regular updates to the owner, over the internet. With smart data processing, modern factory owners can improve processes and optimize the efficiency of men and machines. This is an Example of Industrial IoT.

The healthcare industry is another one, which is taking the advantage of the available IoT applications. A smart solution in this regard is great for ensuring that medical records can be automatically maintained and the doctors can use them for improved diagnosis and monitoring of patients.

Future IoT Applications

One growing technology is the wearable gadget for smart functionality. Glasses, watches and armbands can all be further empowered with the use of IoT application, allowing them to create useful data for use. We are also moving towards smart cars that can stay connected to each other, using IoT software and share traffic information for allowing the ideal route management.

The transportation benefits can then be combined with other city utilities to finally create a large scale IoT solution. The future of IoT is to have smart cities where all devices interact with each other, use edge computing, cloud storage and the capability to create herd intelligence that can make improved decisions. This will create a unique proposition where we will improve as a race and enjoy the benefits of the networks that are all around us.

The retail industry will certainly change as well with future IoT applications. With the possibility of using shops that use smart sensors, the IoT solutions will improve the shopping experience and offer customized solutions for all visitors. There are certainly a few limitations that are not allowing IoT applications to quickly expand to all industries.

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