Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: Start with IoTSense

IoT solutions are helping different industries to improve their business model and enhance the efficiency of their operations. We believe that you do not have to reinvent the wheel when you have an excellent IoT solution available in the form of IoTSense. Here, we first discuss the problems of coming up with an IoT system from scratch and then share the benefits of working with IoTSense in your business application.

Problems of Reinventing the Wheel

With various connectivity options available, your first dilemma to finalize a communication module for your sensors and processing devices. You may choose to implement multiple network options, but that will only raise the complexity of your solution. Here are a few problems in this regard:


It is difficult to ensure that you can achieve the desired level of security when creating new IoT software. There are various requirements in terms of creating a strong solution, which means that typical onsite systems for data sensing, analyzing and processing are simply not enough for secure communication and transfer of information.


An in-house developed system, when placed in your environment, may not allow you to use it assuredly, as you may face undesirable situations. Creating a new system raises several questions that simply do not allow the luxury of carrying out automation tasks with complete confidence.

Lack of AI

Understanding influence of data patterns and predictive analysis is difficult when producing a one-off system. You must build in all the functionality from the scratch according to the setup of your business unit. Limited AI is available when using systems that must cater to specific demands as it is often established because of the exposure available to a program.

Starting with IoTSense

IoTSense can be deployed in various environments, with the required customization and data preprocessing as well as Machine Learning based post-processing through simple drag and drop activities for generating actionable insights. Here are some important benefits:

Open Source

IoTSense employs an open  API architecture, which is excellent for integrating within existing systems or even build rapid solutions based on using those APIs. It is an intelligent platform, where it is easy to make the required changes and produce the best results for your data processing and automation needs.

Rapid Deployment

You do not have to wait for a long development period for your IoT solution. With an ideal solution already present, and CDCI [Continous Delivery Continous Integration] with container ready builds, it becomes scalable as per industry requirements.

Multiple Security Levels

If you are worried about the security of your IoT solution, then IoTSense is certainly an ideal choice. It offers three different security levels that always ensures that your data is secure and your system automation is always devoid of attacks. The security implemented within IoTSense provides data encryption authentication levels, different logs for auditing the system.

IoTSense certainly offers excellent benefits over reinventing the wheel by designing an IoT solution from scratch It offers smart data analytics and better control over your business environment.

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