Smart Savings with Connected Offices

The design and management of a workplace has  profound effect on the productivity, creativity and engagement of those working there. A poorly designed and/or poorly managed workplace can lead to an unproductive and unsatisfying work experience and if this happens too often, it can increase staff turnover and have a negative effect on the company’s bottom line.

Enter ‘smart office’—the brave new world that promises to revolutionize the workplace but can it really improve things? A buzzword, smart office refers to an office space that utilizes smart or connected devices to improve efficiency and the office environment. The main objective of the ‘smart office’ is to create a congenial and well-managed work environment but it is also positioned to lower energy costs and increase workplace visibility to allow monitoring of unusual activities/ irregularities inside office spaces.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Smart technology enables efficiency and productivity and this is no secret. By providing staff with the right tools and a connected environment, a smart office helps streamline processes to make them quicker and more practical, resulting in less time spent on repetitive tasks each day. By providing your staff the training to work in a connected or smart office, you can increase their productivity and allow them to operate as efficiently as possible.

Connected offices can also help you to keep track of staff in the workplace. For instance, IoT solutions and connected devices can be used to detect whether employees have entered the office and what rooms are in use. This will allow you to monitor who is in the office and will help you reduce meeting rooms being unnecessarily booked out or large meeting rooms being used for only a couple of people. With connected offices, you get necessary insight into internal processes and procedures, which allows you to adapt whenever necessary.

Reduced Energy Usage

Connected offices feature IoT devices and sensors and this helps to reduce energy usage in the workplace. Using IoT devices and sensors throughout the facility, offices are identifying and enacting steps that not only lower energy usage, but also help reduce their carbon footprint. With these connected devices and sensors, management can control lighting, the environment and other-energy consuming systems. This helps to ensure that there is no energy usage in an unoccupied space in the office.

Better Management of Office Space

A Connected office and IoT solutions makes it easier to manage office space, which in turn allows you to manage office space more efficiently. Some of the practices used in smart or connected offices to manage space includes hot desking and shared spaces. These practices enable more efficient use of the total square footage to ensure that less space is needed per person. The practices are enabled using IoT solutions such as space management software and sensors.


Switch now to a connected office that uses IoT solutions to ensure smart savings and align your business perfectly with the modern global trends and get it ready to take on new challenges.




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