IoT and The Health of Cattle

IoTSense was featured in the Forbes Africa magazine. This article shows how IoT is leveraged in the dairy insudtry.
Agriculture is the only sector in which one can actually grow something. All the other industries are related to transferring of services, which underscores the importance of the agricultural sector in the economy. Agriculture as an industry is dealt in different ways in different type of economy. The developing economy is still trying to implement the technology in its agricultural process. And the developed economy is already using a lot of automation. The trend of automation in the agriculture sector started from the British Agricultural Revolution between 17th to 18th centuries and it has seen an upswing from then onwards. With the advent of a modern set of data stats, agriculture is changing its form and formats and globally, the income dependency of the gross domestic product has reduced on the agricultural sector. According to the United Nations, the world population will reach more than nine billion by 2050. And as we know land is a very limited resource and we have to use it wisely. This compels us to produce better yields with 14 | FORBES AFRICA IoT And The Health Of Cattle BY KETAN LOHAR, CEO OF WINJIT the ever reducing space for agriculture. Today, with Internet of Things every industry has been benefiting from the automation that has been brought into the agriculture industry. The agriculture industry is just not limited to the growing of crops but also the delivery and supply chain, cattle management, water conservation and power utility and many others.
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