Make your Connected Network Scalable

Make your Connected Network Scalable

Modern smart platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) applications are limited. However, with the passage of time, we are sure to come up with several applications where embedded sensors can play a much greater role in helping us make the right decisions in transportation, luxury, comfort and other walks of life.

We need scalable platforms that can provide consistent functionality, regardless of the expansion of the current number of smart devices.

Platform Scalability

Platform scalability is an important concept. It describes the ability of an IoT platform to provide the same level of functionality, when either the number of users increases or the number of required functions are enhanced.

A scalable platform may be modular with the ability to handle the increasing demands of the user additions in a device database. The ideal cloud support is great when implementing scalable IoT platforms. They can use a modular structure and ensure that any addition to the required functionality of the system can be simply covered with the addition of cloud sources.

A scalable platform can improve an IoT application by a considerable margin. This is possible because IoT application can provide both horizontal and vertical expansion. Horizontal expansion is possible by increasing the number of sensors and processing more data to achieve better organizational results for singular functions. Vertical expansion allows the use of IoT technology to move into other, adjacent business opportunities, and this way, increasing the usefulness of the implemented IoT scalable platform.

Horizontal IoT

Horizontal IoT is great for ensuring that you can create a scalable network in the future. A horizontal application ensures that your business needs can be easily accommodated by adding more smart devices to the network. This is excellent when you have to manage a greater number of applications, devices and processes. A horizontal scalable IoT platform certainly provides the ideal answers.

Vertical Growth

It is also possible that your business experiences vertical growth. A scalable platform will ensure that you can employ other functions within your existing business model and attempt to further improve your organizational performance. IoT platforms certainly have the capacity to provide vertical scaling and create results that may only be required when the business must use the available data to carry out newer functions.

The Required Improvements

A scalable platform is the one, which offers the same level of connectivity despite the addition of devices and other processing requirements. This means that you need a solution, which ensures that your business will never suffer from a lag, where your IoT platform is unable to meet the needs of an expanded operation.

If you believe that your current business network is static, then you should look for options that ensure that your connected network becomes scalable and allows your business to take the next big step, whenever the environment is right in your industry. The improvements in your network IoT solution may allow the business to take the next step towards organizational success.

Using a scalable IoT solution for your connected network will certainly improve organizational performance and ensure that your business has the ideal tools to take the next expansion!

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